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Town Hall Square Fountain Restoration and Streetscape Improvements Phases 1 & 2

Palm Beach, Florida

Phase I of the Town Hall Square Restoration project included a $1.4 million restoration of the historic Palm Beach Memorial Fountain. The fountain, which was designed by Addison Mizner and constructed in 1929 using concrete mixed with crushed coral, had been patched a few times in the past several decades and showed signs of extensive deterioration.

Work included the restoration and reuse of the four torsos of the hippocampi while the fountain's bowls, stem and walls were all recast. The Town Hall Square project also included repairing the reflecting pool as well as upgrading electrical and mechanical systems for both.

Phase 2 included placing large canopy trees on the east and west sides of the fountain, installing two rows of shade trees with benches to the south of the fountain and tabby sidewalks in that two-block area of County Road.

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