“The difference is in the details.”

Pre-Construction Services

Burkhardt Construction can provide a full scope of pre-construction services. Our primary goal during the pre-construction phase is to assist the owner, architect and engineer in developing a comprehensive set of construction documents that meet the owner’s requirements for time frame, budget, function and aesthetic.

Over the past 43 years, Burkhardt Construction has developed an accurate conceptual cost estimating system based on our history of successful downtown urban revitalization projects in the State of Florida. We have completed over 75 streetscape/public space projects and dozens of commercial projects under or on budget. We draw on this experience and comprehensive cost history to build the most accurate estimates possible. Details are incorporated into cost estimates as they become available during the pre-construction phase, allowing our estimating team to work on cost control while still in the design phase.

Value engineering is not merely construction cost cutting. Rather, it comprises alternative methods and creative solutions which effect cost savings without compromising the spirit, quality or integrity of the project. Burkhardt Construction approaches value engineering with depth of experience and our management philosophy of “no one individual holds the franchise on the great ideas.” This approach fosters creativity and interaction from all levels of our organization. When we are asked to value engineer for a client, it is not just construction, but creative solutions to construction challenges.


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