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Broadwalk Streetscape Improvements Phases 1 and 2

Hollywood, Florida

This project was part of a successful effort by the Hollywood Beach Community Redevelopment Agency to restore Hollywood’s pedestrian-only ocean-front promenade “The Broadwalk” to its glory days of the past.  The improvements were designed to recreate the charming beachside village feel the area had after it was built in 1923.  The revamped Broadwalk includes brick pavers in the pedestrian area, a crushed shell jogging path and a tabby concrete bike path.  It also includes historically-themed lighting fixtures and an 18-inch decorative wall designed to keep the beach sand off the pedestrian areas. 

The project, which is 30-feet wide and 1.8-miles long, was constructed in a very active environment.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, rollerbladers and beach goers all required access to the Broadwalk.  Burkhardt Construction was able to schedule construction to allow public access to portions of the Broadwalk at all times.   This Construction Manager at Risk project was awarded to Burkhardt Construction through a qualifications-based selection process.





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