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Pompano Beach Boulevard Streetscape

Pompano Beach, Florida

The Pompano Beach Boulevard Streetscape project is a landmark project along 2500' of beach constructed for the City of Pompano and Pompano Beach ECRA.  This was the second of four Construction Manager at Risk projects and tied in to the East Atlantic Boulevard project.  The project included the undergrounding of franchise utilities, storm drainage improvements, water main improvements, tabby concrete sidewalks and banding with decorative sawcutting, crosswalk pavers, lush landscaping, irrigation, decorative street lighting, decorative signage, a vendor kiosk, beach pavilions, beach restrooms, Dominican coral seat walls with LED lighting, beach crossover, playground, fitness area, dune fencing and furnishings.

Additional photos posted by the project’s Landscape Architect, EDSA, can be seen here: http://www.archello.com/en/project/pompano-beach-streetscape-and-dune-enhancement



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