“The difference is in the details.”


"We are writing this letter to express our thorough and complete satisfaction with Burkhardt Construction's (BCI) work performance on our Downtown Boca Raton Streetscape Project. In our opinion BCI has set a new standard of excellence in the construction industry. Partnership is usually a buzz word in this business; however, it has been a rare experience to actually work in a true partnership with a contractor with mutual goals. Every aspect of the project, from the project supervision to the one-on-one, daily communications with the adjacent property owners and tenets, made for a successful project that met every milestone, budget constraint and quality and workmanship expectations of the City. Your perspective clients should be assured that your tag line "The Difference is in the Details" is not just a tag line but a fundamental aspect of BCI's construction operations".

"Burkhardt’s professional staff worked diligently with the business owners to schedule the work and provided accelerated services to minimize the inevitable impacts. The project was completed timely and for less than the established GMP. I recommend Burkhardt Construction, Inc. without hesitation for any entity needing professional construction services similar to those performed for the City of Boca Raton. I will be glad to discuss additional details of their performance and our project should you so desire."

"As the project progressed with every phase, the Company demonstrated respect and sensitivity to the impact of the construction on our local businesses. They consistently maintained clear communication with the HBBA with regard to any anticipated interruptions and time frames, which the HBBA in turn was able to communicate to our members, allowing for sound preparation and minimal interference in conducting business. And they lived up to their communicated plans with efficiency and timeliness and with full consideration of safety and cleanliness issues. This commendable work history on the part of Burkhardt Construction gives the HBBA ground to offer its support for the company and to request the CRA to strongly consider continuing that relationship going forward."

"The Construction Manager at Risk was exemplary with their performance. They were knowledgeable, experienced, professional and expeditious in their performance of this critical item of the project. BCI delivered the project on time despite the many conflicts they encountered. Not a single hour was added to the contract schedule due to the incredible work of BCI... The City has enjoyed a long term relationship with BCI as our Construction Manager at Risk. They are among the greatest firms I have had the pleasure of working with during my 23 years of experience with the City... I highly recommend serious consideration be given to BCI as your Construction Manager at Risk for your upcoming project. I will be happy to answer any questions or supply additional information if you would like."

Worth Avenue Store Manager

Date: December 1, 2010
"I just wanted to say thank you for the professionalism of your company and subcontractors during the Worth Avenue Renovation. Your supervisors were knowledgeable and kept us up to date and they were courteous. You made the construction a smooth transition for the stores. Thank you!"

"Marc, you and the entire BCI team did a fantastic job. I really think it was the smoothest Town project I can remember and I've been around since 1982."

Worth Avenue Property Owner

Date: November 12, 2010
"You and your company are to be commended on the wonderful restoration of Worth Avenue. You're the best!"

"Burkhardt Construction's management, workmanship and attention to detail have once again delivered a superb finished project, ahead of schedule and on budget. Having personally worked with your team members on numerous city projects since 1995, I have found Burkhardt Construction to be a true partner with the City. Providing the highest quality workmanship, exceptionable public relation skills and most importantly, irreproachable integrity in the revitalization of our city. It is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of recommendation to Burkhardt Construction, Inc. and trust that any project that they embark on will be completed with the same high quality of workmanship and dependability that the City of Fort Pierce has received from Burkhardt Construction, Inc."

"We have found Burkhardt Construction, Inc. to be a very professional solutions oriented partner dedicated to the needs of merchants and residents while constructing each project to the highest quality level, on or ahead of schedule, on or under budget with no claims or disputes and no correspondence to City Hall from property owners other than citizen compliments. I would highly recommend Burkhardt Construction, Inc. to serve as a Construction Manager At Risk. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to further discuss Burkhardt Construction, Inc."

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