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Burkhardt Construction, Inc.
Confidential Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
Prospective subcontractors are required to complete this questionnaire prior to being considered for participation in our projects. The contents of this questionnaire will be considered confidential and used solely to determine your firm's qualifications. Burkhardt Construction, Inc. desires to assemble qualified sub-trade professionals willing to commit to working as a team in constructing parks, streetscape projects and various improvement projects to the highest quality level, in a timely fashion, claims & litigation free and at a fair & competitive price. Should your firm meet these qualifications, share in this vision and be interested in participating in this project, please complete and submit this online questionnaire. Note: (1) All items marked with * are required to be completed. (2) Where an item is not applicable to you / your firm, please write N.A. in the space provided for the answer. Please do not leave any space blank.
General Corporate Information
*Does your firm have any affiliated subsidiaries?:
*Is your firm owned or controlled by another organization?:
*Has your firm operated under previous company names?:
*Is your organization signatory to any union agreements?:
List all corporate officers and stockholders or partners
Work Classification
*Will your firm purchase or lease equipment for the execution of the work? Please check which of the following apply:
*Would your firm assign the same superintendent / project manager to perform your scope of contracted work throughout the duration of the project?:
Related Work Experience
Please list below the major parks or downtown urban streetscape/hardscape projects your firm currently has in progress. Additional projects can be listed in the space provided
Please list below major parks or downtown urban streetscape/hardscape projects which your firm has completed in the past 5 years. Additional projects can be listed in the space provided
Company History
*Has your firm ever failed to complete any work awarded?:
*Has your firm been denied participation in or award of any public works contract based on a finding by a public agency that your firm was not a "responsive responsible bidder"?:
*Has your firm ever been assessed liquidated or actual damages for not completing a project within the allowed contract time? :
*Has your firm ever been party to a construction litigation claim against an Owner, General Contractor or Construction Manager? :
*Has your firm ever had a construction litigation claim filed against it by an Owner, General Contractor or Construction Manager?:
*Is your firm able to provide a performance and payment bond for the contracted work?:
If so, what is the current bonding capacity of your firm?
Please provide the following information regarding your firm's bonding:
*Has your firm ever had any claims against its bond for work contracted?:
*Does your firm have any outstanding or unresolved claims against your bonds currently?:
*Has your firm ever been denied bonding for a project?:
Please list your standard insurance limits
Please state your workmen's compensation experience modification rate
List 3-trade references
*Are there any judgements, claims, arbitrations, proceedings or suits pending/outstanding against your firm or its officers or principals?:
*Has your firm or its officers/principals filed for bankruptcy within the past ten years?:
*Is your firm certified as an MBE, WBE, SBE?:
*If "Yes", check which of the following apply:
This concludes the pre-qualification questionnaire. Thank you for taking time to fill out this confidential information.


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